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My name is Tracy Dow and I have been involved with horses for over 40 years. Starting with Pony Club at 7 years old with my sisters and still competing today on my very talented Appaloosa called Last Man Standing ( or Chief to his family).

After years of health issues with my horse and the difficulties I had in sourcing natural products for his treatment , I decided to find my own suppliers of organic products. This has now developed into a strong and reliable source of all your horse and rider needs.

Here is my story and how I was introduced to the amazing healing properties of Aloe Vera….

For over two years my young horse was grumpy, continually getting sore in the back, wearing away his hind toes, scouring intermittently to the point I had to cut all the tail flaps off my rugs, not forward in his work. He did present as very healthy, good weight and a shiny coat. After taking him to 4 different vets over this period and all of them telling me there was nothing wrong with him, or drenching him thinking it was sand build up ( which made things so much worse) I decided to look “outside the box” and contacted a small animal vet and also a TCM vet and acupuncturist.

We ran bloods, DNA testing, fecal samples, worms counts and results came back that he was infected with Ghiardia and Helicobacter ( a bacterial infection associated with stomach ulcers) and of course ulcers. Both vets were unsure if the bacterial infections came first or if the long term untreated ulcers caused the bacterial infections. We started a very intense course of Flagyl over a 6 week period . The effect was immediate with my horse manuring a thick, black smelly discharge for days. After the Flagyl we knew we had to deal with the ulcers and proceeded with acupuncture to relieve his pain together with Aloe Gel twice a day to heal the ulcers and encourage healthy bacteria back into the gut. Within 3 days he was showing great signs of improvement . Within 3 weeks he was amazing!!! He had become a much happier horse, was working wonderfully under saddle, soreness issues had disappeared and he had so much more energy.

4 years on and I continue to administer Aloe Vera every day for maintenance together with other herbs and a completely natural diet with NO processed feeds.  My horse looks and feels amazing and I am always getting comments on how healthy he looks (he is the horse on the home page of this website).

 My horse did not present as a ‘text book” case of a horse with ulcers. He was a great weight, had a healthy coat and ate everything.

All my Aloe Vera products and Herbs are sourced from organic and  fair trade companies.Feel confident that these products will help the health of your beloved animals and yourself 

All our herbs are food grade safe and certified for human consumption.

If you are unsure of your horse's health problems I strongly advise that you consult a vet.

If you cannot find what you need please contact me and I will do my best to assist you

Mane Event Equestrian Supplies accepts no responsibility for the misinterpretation or misuse of any products or information presented on this website.  Information on this website is purely for educational purposes.  Veterinary or Health Practitioner advice should be sought before purchase.

Prohibited Substances

It is the purchaser's/owner's responsibility to keep themselves updated on prohibited substances in their respective competition industries. Some herbs may swab.