BackBee Sting Raw Honey - 1KG

Bee Sting Raw Honey - 1KG
Bee Sting Raw Honey - 1KG
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Bee Sting honey is a completely raw honey and has not been heat treated. Most of the honey we see today has either had sugars or sweeteners added to it (results in decreased costs) or have been heat treated as a filtering process to remove the yeast to help improve shelf life. The issue with heat treating is that it may also remove many of the nutritional benefits of honey (i.e can be known to remove pollen, enzymes and antioxidants). Bee Sting Honey on the other hand has been gravity filtered (i.e over time wax will go to the top and the honey falls to the bottom). This process is by far the most time consuming but results in a superior quality, completely natural honey.  

The best way to describe raw honey is “as it exists in the hive” and that is exactly what Bee Sting Honey is. Loaded with healthy plant compounds, full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and possessing an abundance of healing properties, Bee Sting honey is not one to go past.

Bee Sting Honey is produced in West Australia and is created from Marri (Redgum).

Independent testing of Jarrah and Marri honey in New Zealand in 2016 found that it had stronger antimicrobial properties than the much prized Manuka honey.

Bee Sting Honey Benefits:

-100% Raw Australian Honey

-May assist with wound healing on horses

-Naturally filtered and NOT heat treated so all the 'goodies' remain in the honey

-Contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals

-May assist with colic prevention (see recipe below)

-Contains antioxidants

-Anti-inflammatory properties


Colic Prevention Recipe

Here is an old sand colic recipe that has had many excellent recommendations that you may wish to try out on your horse (feed once per month). 


  • 500g Unprocessed, natural honey (Bee Sting Honey)
  • 600ml Full cream milk


Melt honey on low heat in the milk, cool and add to feed.

This recipe is for one horse.

We like to add cooked pumpkin to the recipe and our horses absolutely LOVE it!

Bee Sting Honey is Food Grade.


“May be of benefit for improving or promoting health or production or performance. Consult your vet before treating any illness”

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