"We HATE EXAGGERATION, but its not exaggeration to say the HYBRID Halter is truly

The Greatest Halter Ever Made"

As seen in Western Horseman, Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, Quarter Horse News, Stable Management and Tack N' Togs.

  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Solid Brass Hardware(Classic) Plated Brass Hardware (Economy).
  • UV Coated Rope for long life.
  • Premium Nylon Webbing.
  • Guaranteed. Period.
  • Superior Training Result

What Does It Do?
The HYBRID Halter makes it easy to get the same light response you expect in the bridle under saddle, while on the ground, without a bit in your horse’s mouth. It is a humane halter that is fairer to your horse's understanding of pressure than whatever you are using currently, for one simple reason, it makes it easier for your horse to understand and respond positively to your request thanks to its stable, consistent fit and pre-signaling 180 degree sliding ring that takes head torquing out of play, thereby eliminating your horse's resistance to the halter itself so he can focus with clarity on your direction.

WHY do you need a PATENT PENDING HYBRID Halter?

  • Horse can’t push on you like they can in a web halter
  • Horse can't push through it with their nose like they can in a rope halter
  • ELIMINATES the need for a chain
  • Cross tie in it & personalize it like a web halter
  • The 180 degree slide ring action discourages your horse from torqueing his head while lunging
  • You will always have control of your horse’s nose
  • Take it on and off like a bridle thanks to the throatlatch snap, no buckling or knots
  • Saves hours a day over multiple horses just in on/off time alone!
  • Unlike a rope halter, the knots won't tighten in a pullback situation
  • Can be ridden in and will have a sidepull type action
  • The application of pressure, its angle and its release translates directly to the bridle with no chance for bad habits to develop on the ground


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