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Raspberry Leaf 1kg
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The leaves of the common raspberry plant have been used for centuries as a strong female tonic. They can help strengthen and tone the uterus to aid in fertility, pregnancy and foaling. Raspberry Leaf can also help support a quiet disposition in geldings. 

Raspberry Leaf may also assist with regulating hormonal swings in a moody mare. In addition to its strong uterine benefits, raspberry leaf is a good astringent herb and can be used effectively in cases of diarrhoea, wet cough, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and conjunctivitis.


1/2 cup daily for horses


Dried herbs may be added directly to your horses dampened feed in their dry state. Alternatively, they may be made into an infusion (herbal tea) prior to use and the soaked herbs and liquid poured over their feed. By making an infusion prior to feeding, this releases more nutrients from the herbs and increases the health benefits. 


"Consult your vet before treating any illness."

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